Our Company

Over 30 years experience consolidates ACCIONA Parque Reforma as a leader in the real estate business, not only by the financial strength that defines us, but also the vision and cutting edge technology used in each national and international project that allow us to achieve satisfaction with the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Responsibility for delivery times is the cornerstone of our philosophy, something that has given confidence, security and value. Proof of this is the Corporate Reform Park, the first corporate center of Mexico City built in 1979 with the most advanced technology in earthquake engineering and strong security parameters that are still valid today.

Over these 30 years we have built more than 500,000 m2 of luxury is a benchmark for the sector.


In order to create a corporate high-tech center in Mexico City, a team of visionary business partners in the listing were "Inmobiliaria Parque Reforma" in 1979. The architectural project was put in the hands of renowned architects Augusto H. Alvarez, Juan Sordo Madaleno and José Adolfo Weichers. Since then Reforma Park Estate is a symbol of excellence.

The success has prompted Parque Reforma find the constant evolution in the construction of residential complexes in gorgeous Mexico City and Acapulco.

Throughout more than 30 years, has developed 10 residential complexes with more than 200,000 m2 of green space, 1,021 apartments, 17 houses and 24 extraordinary luxury office levels.

The March 14, 2008, ACCIONA acquired all of the shares of Inmobiliaria Parque Reforma, changing the name to ACCIONA Parque Reforma and strengthening its presence and commitment to Mexico as one of the key countries in its internationalization strategy.

ACCIONA is one of the major Spanish corporations with operations in more than 30 countries on 5 continents in the fields of infrastructure, renewable energy, water management, urban and environmental services, logistics and transportation, as well as selling homes, among other activities.

The amount of experience and the latest technology in earthquake engineering, safety, materials and services, have allowed him to participate in major infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, airports and dams, among others. Some of them are Guavio Dam, Cundinamarca, Colombia, Central Heat, Cairo, Egypt, Science Museum, Valencia, Spain, High Speed ​​Line Madrid-Barcelona, ​​Spain; Ting Kau Bridge, Hong Kong.

ACCIONA has pioneered decisively assume a position that combines the pursuit of business profitability with respect to the environment, so as to ensure that future generations enjoy a world in balance.

Business Philosophy

ACCIONA Parque Reforma we are convinced that the key to success in our business is to establish lasting relationships with our customers and partners from the construction process.

Therefore, the company philosophy is based on two fundamental aspects:

  • Commitment to quality of construction and finishes

  • Formality in meeting delivery times

Social Responsibility

A socially responsible, and produce quality goods and services, create jobs and pay taxes company, identifies problems facing their community and actively participates in its solution.

It is a change agent in conjunction with the State and civil society, build a better world.

ACCIONA Parque Reforma has received the Badge of Socially Responsible Company (ESR) for 8 consecutive years, making it one of the few organizations that have achieved this distinction.

Recognition of Socially Responsible Company is granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (AliaRSE) companies that cover at least 75% of 120 points in the areas of business ethics, care and preservation of the environment, community outreach and compliance with the principles of the Global Compact.

Through this distinction the efforts of companies that, by their actions and awareness in how to operate, promote social welfare is recognized.

With the delivery of this recognition the social responsibility of companies is promoted. In addition to providing employment, socially responsible companies as ACCIONA Parque Reforma take real action to improve the social situation of Mexico.

Corporate Values

Experienced. All our developments are backed by over 30 years of experience ACCIONA Parque Reforma.

Talented: elegance and innovation in architecture and exemplary attention to detail, distinguish functional and spectacular spaces designed into each of our projects.

Committed: Our philosophy is based on the fulfillment of the delivery times as well as the quality of construction and finishes.

Responsible: ACCIONA Parque Reforma has been recognized by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy as a Socially Responsible Company for 8 consecutive years.